Who We Are

From beans roasted in a peanut roaster to a variety of smooth, delicious blends all over the country, we’ve really grown.

See how we got started.

Humble beginnings.

Like many great bands, we started in the ’70s as Stewart Brothers Coffee, brewing up surprisingly smooth coffee on Seattle’s Pier 70. We poured our first cups at a shop named The Wet Whisker with beans roasted in a 12-lb. peanut roaster. Pretty charming, right?

Big move to a little island.

We soon outgrew our little roaster and decided to do what our forefathers did in a situation like this, move west, of course. We relocated to beautiful Vashon Island and continued to roast and blend crave-worthy coffee for stores across Seattle.

Winner winner.

Then, as business picked up steam (and creamer) we entered ourselves in a tasting competition to determine the “the best cup of coffee in Seattle.” When our delicious and notably smooth taste earned us the coffee crown, we promptly changed our name to Seattle’s Best Coffee.

Meet Henry, and his signature blend.

Once people got wind of our taste, things really started heating up. Literally. We had roasters going day and night as we perfected our process and added new, original blends and roasts. Our very first signature blend was named for a stray cat named Henry who came by to warm up next to the roasters and generally bask in the coffee scent. And who could blame him? Henry’s Blend® then became our signature House Blend, as we evolved and added even more roasts and flavors.

Fast forward to now.

We’ve been roasting coffee for over 45 years. And it’s never been a labor, only love. Love for the beans, love for the process, and love for those moments that coffee makes better. We’ve perfected our signature roasting process and stay true to our roots and our name in stores across the country. Henry would be so proud.

See why we're so good.
Our Roasting Process