How We Roast

As much as we love coffee, not all coffee is created equal.

Here’s how we make our uniquely smooth blends.

Better beans.

Our beans are 100% Arabica and sourced exclusively from Latin America.  We work hand in hand with our farmers, to ensure total consistency for incredible taste.

Better blends.

Once we’ve sourced the beans, our master blenders create one-of-a-kind blends for an easy, approachable taste. And because the flavor of coffee beans can change from year to year, it takes the experience and expertise of our blenders to ensure a consistent taste in every batch.

Small batch checks.

We ensure total consistency by insisting on rigorous quality checks throughout the process. We don’t just taste the stuff once, or even twice. We stop and sample the beans at three crucial steps.
  • When we’re picking them out and buying them.
  • Before shipping.
  • And once they’ve arrived in house and ready to be approved for roasting.
Along the way, our master roasters micro roast a random sample and taste-test on the spot for all sorts of fancy coffee things, basically ensuring every cup you pour is certifiably fantastic.

Smooth roasting.

From there, we use our special roasting process to create a surprisingly smooth taste. Like simmering a sauce, our expert roasters carefully apply just the right amount of heat over a period of time to make sure every batch you get is smooth, delicious, and downright delightful.

So many to choose from.

All that passion and hard work create an exceptionally smooth cup of coffee that’s flavorful and approachable. But we didn’t stop with one blend. We have a variety of blends from light to dark to satisfy any coffee craving you have.